Friday 22 July 2016

Travel diaries : Coorg

Finally after months of planning, the entire office set out on a short trip to Coorg. There was no plan, no itinerary of where we will go or what we will do once we reach there. We just booked a mini bus from Bangalore, and a homestay there, and set out on Friday night. We were 17 of us, 6 of us carried our cycles, we had a few board games too, and a guitar, so we had that much planned at least, and hoped to have as much fun as we could.

Before we reached our homestay, we came across this bridge.
A pleasant gust of wind welcomed us as we got down the bus and the view all around was amazing

Even though we were sleepy and tired, we spent a good 10 minutes admiring the beauty of the lake and the forest all around, and the peace and the calm was soothing beyond words

Our home for the next two days was going to be this one here. Situated in a tiny clearing amidst all the greenery and a lake right infront it, was more than any of us could ask for

The view from the homestay was majestic to say the least

We all sat quietly and admired the sunrise

One by one people started to crash, but nobody was in any great hurry to go out anywhere again; we went there just to relax. The one's awake took out the guitar and started playing whatever we could, and the mood was already turning into a soothing and joyous one. Soon it was time for lunch, and we all headed out to Madikeri. By around 3:30 we were done and made our way to Mandalpatti. We did not climb to the top, but instead decided to walk to a stream nearby.

On our way there, we were already walking into scenes we can never imagine while living in a city. The above picture shows the beginning of a stream running down the hill slope

Our first glance of the stream. Add to it its soft murmur, and what you get is heaven

A view of the stream from where we stood

Walking in the knee-deep, cold waters was pure bliss

On the way back, we found more majestic views of the forests and the clouds and the hills. The beauty of the place was almost poetic

After coming back to the homestay, we freshened up. It was time for board games and guitar and fun and frolic. We went on late into the night, and it was more enjoyable than we thought it would be.

Next morning we again woke up at our own convenient times. Whoever were up a bit early, they took up cycles and rode for a couple of hours. The experience of riding amidst all the greenery and breathing in the fresh air was a great experience.

Soon it was time for us to make our way back to Bangalore. Felt like it came to an end all too soon, but maybe that's where the beauty of a place like Coorg is; we probably can't get enough of it... ever.


  1. Beautiful post. Your photographs make me want to pack my bags and go just now!

  2. Beautiful hill station near bangalore. Thanks for reminding my memories

    1. Beautiful indeed. Would love to visit again actually

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks.. Plan a trip here, too many places to go to

  4. A joyous ride....captivating!!!

  5. A joyous ride....captivating!!!

  6. A joyous ride....captivating!!!

  7. Awsum clicks!! Keep it up bro :)