Wednesday 30 August 2017

Postcards from the hills : Waterfall, Kudremukh

A day after the trek to Kudremukh (you can read about the trek in detail by clicking here), I went for a stroll to a waterfall nearby early in the morning. It was the 27th of November 2016, and the water was too cold for me to take a dip in. So I settled for taking photographs instead. I was faintly aware of long exposure photography, but I did not have a tripod with me then. Still I tried hard to capture a few hand-held shots. Following are three out of like a hundred error-laden shots.

My next post in the postcard series will be out this Saturday. Have a great week guys!

Friday 25 August 2017

Postcards from the hills : Kudremukh

It was the last week of November in 2016 and I was in the middle of a trekking spree. My destination was Kudremukh this time, located in the district of Chikmagalur, Karnataka. Kudremukh is one of the more scenic treks in south India, so I just had to go. It makes me really happy to share my experiences with you all, so here are a few photographs from my trip. If you want to know more, check out my post Travel diaries : Kudremukh trek

The first hour or so was just about walking through forests. After that, we transition into open land

The highest point seen in this picture is the eventual destination

Most of the walk, baring the first quarter of the trek approximately, and a few other spots, is void of trees

The view just before we got to the top

The final 20 minutes to the peak

This post is part of my 'postcards' series, where I share posts with photographs from the places I travel to. I upload these posts every Wednesday and Saturday, and even though my history suggests otherwise, I will try and be regular from here on. I hope you enjoy the posts. Feel free to leave a comment; any suggestion, complaint or appreciation is really encouraging. 

Have a great day!

Wednesday 23 August 2017

Postcards from the hills : Kumara Parvatha

Kumara Parvatha is considered as one of the toughest treks in south India, and I found out why, when my colleagues and I went there for a trek on the 30th of September 2016. I was very ill-prepared for the challenges, but thankfully I made it in the end. The trek was full of adventures and minor mishaps, so do click here to go through a more detailed account of this trek. This post though, is just about the journey through photographs. I hope you like it.

A couple of hours into the trek when we emerged out of the forests, the views started getting more and more surreal

The clouds were making everything look like a dynamic painting which was being created right in front of our very eyes

This was our lunch spot. It was tiring, but who cares when you have beautiful landscapes to look at all around you

View from the top of Kumara Parvatha, at 1712 meters from the sea level. The climb took almost 8 hours and the descent probably around 5. A trek I will never ever forget not just because it was challenging, but also because of the adventures and the memories attached to it

I have been woefully irregular with my posts these days, but I am starting my postcard series again. I will post photographs from my travels every Wednesday and Saturday. Stay tuned for more and have a great day!

Monday 21 August 2017

WWE Summer Slam 2017 : Predictions (Part II)

Check out the predictions for the pre show here. The main show will be aired in India at 4:30 AM on the 21st of August 2017, on Sony Ten 1 and Sony Ten HD. Please check it once too, in case I got it wrong. Anyway, let's go on to the main show


Finn lost to Wyatt clean last Monday. And he is coming out as the demon. He cannot lose, no chance.




There is hardly any buildup to this match and more than the outcome, the intrigue is whether or not Carmella cashes in her money in the bank contract. I think not, but she is definitely teasing it, and will probably play a part in the outcome of this match. I think Naomi will retain the title though

PREDICTION : Carmella comes for a cash in and unintentionally distracts Natalya, resulting in a win for NAOMI



The Ambrose Rollins story has been really well executed and it has kept the audience intrigued for the past few weeks. Some people speculate that Ambrose will turn on Rollins in this match. I think it is too early for that and they should have a run with the titles till about Survivor Series or even the Royal Rumble, after which Ambrose should turn heel and turn on Rollins, and they can have their match at Wrestlemania next year. 

PREDICTION : DEAN AMBROSE & SETH ROLLINS win the titles and hold it at least till Survivor Series


This match can go either way. On one hand, Randy Orton has lost his last three pay per view matches with Jinder Mahal and WWE would like to give him a big win at a grand stage like Summer Slam. On the other hand, he did get a win over Jinder clean three weeks ago, and have stood tall in the go home show of Smackdown. Another reason is that Smackdown needs a monster heel at this point because Corbin, who is one of the top heels on the show, has lost a lot of momentum due to his failed cash in last Tuesday, and it might be worse if he loses to Cena. So if WWE wants to establish Rusev as a credible heel, he needs this victory more than Orton does. Let's hope they do the right thing.

PREDICTION : RUSEV beats Orton, but may not do so clean


[with ENZO AMORE suspended above the ring in a Shark Cage]

I was anyway almost entirely sure that Big Cass will win this. And now that the Big Show 'broke' his right hand, he cannot use the KO punch and hence, has a reason to take this loss. But what will be Enzo's role? I think he will help Big Cass by throwing in some weapon from the cage, will turn heel, and will rejoin Big Cass as his manager

PREDICTION : BIG CASS wins with Enzo's help, Enzo turns heel and joins Cass.



Two of the best wrestlers in the company, this match will blow the roof off. Their matches over the past couple of months have been somewhat short of what these two can potentially deliver, and I hope that they have been saving up for this one. Shane is also involved in this match as the guest referee so there has to be some sort of a story involving him. And it is likely that Owens will feud with Shane after Summer Slam, so there has to be a spot where Shane makes a decision which pisses off Owens and that might cost him the match. What I think should happen is that Owens should roll AJ up and Shane counts 1 2 3, only to see on the replay that Owen's foot was on the rope or he had AJ's tights, and then he should restart the match after Owen's starts celebrating and walking off with the title. When they restart the match, AJ wins and Owen's breathes fire and accuses Shane of a screwjob, which then starts their feud.

PREDICTION : After a spot when Shane counts a pinfall on AJ, he finds out by watching the replay that Owens had his feet on the rope, restarts the match and then AJ STYLES retains.



I am not as sure about this as some of the others are. Logic dictates that there is no way Nakamura is losing this. There is no money in the bank to be cashed in and there is no way that Nakamura is losing clean to Mahal. The only thing which irks me is that Mahal was supposed to carry the belt till the tour of India in September and that being just one month away, I don't understand why WWE might have changed their plans. By the way, the Singh brothers are probably the ones who attacked the Fashion Police a few weeks ago, which suggests that they will part ways with Mahal after Summer Slam. So in all probability, Mahal is losing at Summer Slam, has his rematch on the next episode of Smackdown, loses that too, and then parts ways with the Singhs. I doubt what's in store for Mahal next. He can be pushed down to the mid card scene and have a feud with Sami or Tye, or maybe even Chad Gable, and I think that is more than he can ask for. As for Shinsuke, he is probably holding the belt till Wrestlemania next year

PREDICTION : SHINSUKE NAKAMURA becomes the new WWE champion



I don't think even the WWE knows who is winning this till now. The original plan was Bayley vs Bliss, but as Bayley got a shoulder injury, Sasha was inserted into the match. I think Bliss should win this match and continue her feud with Sasha, and eventually lose to her in one or two months. Bayley comes back by then and then WWE can start to lay the groundwork for a Bayley vs Sasha at Wrestlemania next year. As for this match, I have a feeling that Nia will interfere and hand Bliss the victory, as it is looks very unlikely to me that Sasha will lose clean to Bliss.

PREDICTION : ALEXA BLISS retains with the help of Nia Jax


This match will most probably decide Corbin's career in the WWE. His failed cash in the last episode of Smackdown has made him look stupid and if he doesn't beat John Cena clean, he will lose all his momentum. But we know who John Cena is. According to an article, he has lost clean to only 13 opponents in the last 10 years, and it is very difficult to see him put somebody like Corbin over, who hasn't been around too long. Most people believe that we are seeing a burial at Summer Slam, and that there is no way that Cena is losing. I agree partly, but I think the situation can still be salvaged to a certain extent. Even if this match ends in a Disqualification or countout, and then Corbin just annihilates Cena after the match, I would be happy. Of course, this needs to continue on Smackdown too, where he destroys a few lesser wrestlers over the next few weeks and gets the tag of a monster heel, much like Strauman on Raw. This will get him out of this slump and I see no other way.

PREDICTION : JOHN CENA wins by disqualification, but Corbin annihilates Cena after the match



The build up to this match has been absolutely amazing and I expect to see an awesome match. The fact that all four of them seem to be legitimate contenders for the title, has made it very difficult to guess who is going to win. I am fairly certain though that Reigns will not win. I would like to see Strowman win more than anyone, and Joe wouldn't be a bad choice either. Honestly I am fine with anyone winning this as long as there is a continuation to the story line and not just four men fighting. Brock vs Strowman, Strowman vs Reigns, Joe vs Brock.. these kind of face offs must happen and add a hundred false finishes, it will be an encounter for the ages. The stipulation that Brock will leave the WWE if he loses makes it look like he will definitely lose this, but I think it is a swerve, and I think he is walking out of Summer Slam as the Universal Champion

PREDICTION : BROCK LESNAR retains by pinning Samoa Joe
Because it is so difficult to predict the outcome of this match, I will say that the next most likely scenario is Samoa Joe winning the title by either pinning Reigns or putting him to sleep

So those are my predictions for Summer Slam 2017. Let me know if you agree with me in the comments below. Have fun and enjoy the show. Cheers!

Sunday 20 August 2017

WWE Summer Slam 2017 : Predictions (Part I)

Compared to my schooldays, I see the world of WWE in a completely different light now. Back then I thought it was all real and believed every bit of it. Now I know that it's scripted and everything is predetermined. But I have more fun because it is now like a TV show for me. There is story, intrigue, suspense, and of course, entertainment. 

Talking of intrigue and suspense, Summer Slam is right around the corner. I am excited to see who wins and where the story goes after that, so I will try and predict the possible result/outcome of the matches. So let's get started.




This has been a great rivalry. While the New Day are already established stars, the Usos have elevated themselves as legitimate contenders for the title. I would prefer to see the Usos win back the championships, but as it has just been a month since the New Day won the titles, and that this match has been placed on the pre show, the New Day will probably retain

PREDICTION : THE NEW DAY retains after an entertaining 15 minute encounter



I could have seen Tozawa beating Neville before the go home episode of Raw, but I would have been unsure of it. After Tozawa won the championship last week though, and the fact that this match is on the pre show, it is hard to imagine that the championship will change hands once again.

PREDICTION : AKIRA TOZAWA wins, and Neville gets a push up the mid card in the following weeks


If I am correct, this match is a last minute addition to the card. I don't really care that much about this match and would prefer team Miz to pick up the victory, but I think Jordan and the Hardyz will win the match to set up the match between The Miz and Jason Jordan in the next episode of Raw.


These were the predictions for the pre show matches. Click here for the predictions of the matches from the main show

Saturday 19 August 2017

Postcards from Coorg

It was July 2016, the 16th and 17th. Our office planned a trip to Coorg, Karnataka. We reached Coorg, lazed around for two days, did absolutely nothing, and came back to Bangalore. Yet it remains as one of the more memorable trips for me. Why? I attribute it to is Coorg's peaceful and serene landscapes, which are a treat to one's eyes. Here are a few pictures from the visit. Click here for a detailed account of the trip.  

A bridge where we stopped for a while on the way

View from our home stay at dawn

Another view from our home stay at dawn

The hills seen through clouds and mist