Saturday 18 March 2017

Postcards from Sri Lanka : A stroll in the beach in Colombo

Ever since I completed my higher secondary education and had moved out my hometown, Guwahati, I have traveled a fair bit. But till a couple of years ago, I had only been to different places in India. My acquaintance with foreign soil was only through photographs on Google.

All that changed back in November 2015, when my boss decided to take all his employees to a trip to Sri Lanka, to attend his wedding celebrations there. Click here to read about my experiences in Sri Lanka.

We stayed in Sri Lanka for a total of 8 days. The wedding celebrations were supposed to take place on the first three days in Colombo, and then we would head out to Dambula. 
We hardly stepped out of the hotel because of all the fancy lunches and dinners we attended, after which we would find peace in bed. The only exception was on the second day, when we found a couple of hours to chill at the beach. We were put up in Taj Vivanta and the beach is right across the road.

At around 4 PM that evening (28th of November), we decided to awaken the children in us just a little bit! We bought a couple of kites and ran riot in the beach, trying to keep them flying. The breeze was very soothing, and the experience was quite surreal. It was quiet, peaceful and serene, all the ingredients for a perfect evening at the beach. I do not know how pictures will do justice to the experience we had that day, but hopefully it comes close.

Though we were there only for a couple hours, it had to be one of the highlights of our long stay in the island nation. I will put up more pictures of my trip there on Wednesday. Have a great day, folks!