Wednesday 13 September 2017

Postcards from the hills : Trek to Top station (Sunrise)

After my night shots of the stars [Postcards from the hills : Trek to Top station (Night-time)], I hung around in the vicinity looking for more shots. It was bitter cold, and I was shivering, but I persisted.

Soon, dawn broke, and the sky was becoming a shade lighter every minute. The co-ordinators of the trek got up and lit a fire for us and arranged for some tea. Whoever was up, flocked around the fire, warming their hands and feet.

Almost everyone was admiring the view. But the best part was yet to come. After about half an hour of loitering around, we could see the sky turn orange behind the hills. Let me tell you though that the orange that you see in the pictures above can be a bit misleading, because the camera captures colours which we do not perceive with our naked eyes. The actual scene in front of our eyes was much darker, and the orange was not actually seen. The hues seen in the picture below were much more distinctly visible to us, hence, we knew that the sun was about to come up.

It was time. I set up my tripod and went about clicking madly in every direction, trying to capture all that I could. I managed to get a few shots of the sun rising from the hills, and here they are in chronological order, from the sun about to rise, then being partly visible, and then fully risen.

It was truly an inexplicable spectacle and the climb seemed to be totally worth it. Soon we packed our bags and by this time, the sun was out in its full glory.

We started our way down to the base, but took a different, and arguably, a more scenic route this time around. I will be bringing you postcards from the descent as a final post from my trek to Top station. That post will be up this Saturday, so stay tuned for that one. Also, if you haven't read about my experience of this entire trek, visit Travel diaries : Top Station trek, Munnar. Have a great day folks!