Wednesday 6 September 2017

Postcards from the hills : Trek to Top station (The ascent)

My last post was about the beautiful tea gardens I had come across during my trek to the Top station. But the tea gardens were only a small part of the entire trek. If you read/ have read my post Travel diaries : Top Station trek, Munnar, on my experience of the entire journey, you would know that this was my one of my favourite treks ever. So it is only fair that I let you in on as much of the experience as I possibly can. So here are a few photographs of the scenes I came across during the 7 hour trek to the top. 

One of the surrounding hills seen at the beginning of the trek

A tree, whose foliage I really found interesting

The hills were playing hide and seek behind the thick cover of clouds

The terrain wasn't a plain slope, but seemed aesthetically carved out

The road which eventually led us to the tea gardens. We reached here just after sunset, and the timing couldn't have been better

A blanket of clouds or mist, I do not know, but the way seemed awe inspiring, magical even, as if it was straight out of a kid's fairy tale picture book

I hope you like this post. I'll keep bringing more photographs to you from my travels twice a week, i.e, every Wednesday and Saturday. So keep visiting, keep traveling. Have a great day!


  1. Good stuff.

    Now I want to feel that mountain air. :)

    1. there is something magical about the mountain air, so you should definitely go and feel it!
      Thanks a lot :)