Saturday 16 September 2017

Postcards from the hills : Trek to Top station (The descent)

As I had mentioned in the previous post [Poscards from the hills : Trek to Top station (Sunrise)], right after the sun rose, we packed our bags and started our descent. What we didn't know though, was that we would take a different route from the one we took for the ascent. This route was arguably more scenic and it capped off one of the best treks I had ever been part off. Here are a few photographs from the descent

It wasn't just about marching down. We had mini breaks to chill from time to time too. My friend Deepak here captured a moment when I was enjoying the view like a boss!

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After a descent taking more than 6-7 hours, we finally made our way back to Banglore. As the weather was getting dryer due to the onset of winter, I decided not to go for any more treks till monsoon the following year. So my upcoming posts will not be from the hills, but from other places I traveled to. What are they going to be from? Visit again this Wednesday to find out. Till then, have a great weekend!