Monday 2 October 2017

Postcards from Kerala : The scenic dwellings

I do not know exactly what title should I have for this post. I have already posted photographs from a beautiful morning in Mananthavady, of the mighty Banasura sagar dam, and of a mesmerizing sunset at Kozhikode from this trip. But I did not want to leave out photographs closer to the places we had stayed in. These are not 'touristy' places, but as beautiful, if not more, than many other better known places. 

For the first couple of days of my trip, I put up in my friend's place in Mananthavady. His house is located in the countryside and surrounded by fields, trees and greenery. Add stars to the list after it gets dark.

The trees hide behind a layer of fog in the morning, and the experience is just surreal. And all this is visible from a nice, spacious balcony in the house.

In a post like this where I am trying to cover photographs over 4 days, continuity is definitely a problem. That is why I suggest that you also check out the links above about my experiences in Manathavady and Kozhikode. Just to give you a background though, the reason for this short trip was to attend my friend's engagement ceremony. But seeing as many places as possible in Kerala was also part of my plan.

Anyway, after 3 days, the engagement was over. We drove from Mananthavady straight to Kozhikode, and we stayed in an Airbnb room there just for one night. But the room was located in a beautiful setting, right next to a lake. This is more than anyone can ask for if one is looking for an escape from the the city life.

I went out for a walk around the area with my camera early in the morning. The view was just amazing in all directions.

We had to leave early in the morning the next day, but we actually got really late. The reason? We were sitting like this for hours and just did not want to leave.

Eventually it was time though, and we could not laze around any longer. I would really love to come back to these places again someday. And just like that, my short trip to Kerala got over. 

I have been a little off schedule with my posts this week, but I will get back with more postcards from my travels every Wednesday and Saturday from here on. I am out of postcards from God's own country, so join me this Wednesday to find out where the next series will come from. Keep traveling, keep visiting and have a great day!

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