Thursday 5 October 2017

Postcards from the skies : Shots from a plane

Clicking pictures from an aeroplane is not exactly an ideal setting for photography. First of all there is the constant vibration which needs to be contended with. The narrow window opening leaves you with no other choice than to lean and almost glue the camera's lens into the window (in case you want to capture the scene without the window edges). And I hate it sometimes when there are dust particles on the exterior. All that of course matters only if you get a window seat, and a row from where your view is not hindered too much by the wings.

On my way to Tokyo from Bangalore last April though, most of these factors worked out for me, and I did manage to get a few decent shots somewhere over Kuala Lampur. Here are a few of them.

More photographs from my travels will feature this Saturday. Stay happy, stay blessed and keep traveling. Have a great day!

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